About the project:

Immediate surroundings

The following important tourist attractions are located in the region of the project implementation area:

  • The Republican centre of Olympic training in winter sports “RAUBICHI” (a venue for international winter sports competitions: ski races, freestyle, biathlon etc.)
  • “SILICHI” ski resort (features a multi-functional entertainment and wellness complex, a cottage town, a hotel, a spa and wellness centre, a restaurant, two cafes and a multi-functional centre)

The tourist complex “SOSNOVAYA” (wooden two-storey guest houses, Finnish sauna, a swimming pool and billiards, a café, a bar, belvedere with braziers)


  • Golffields
  • Fishing area
  • Balloon launching area
  • Animal cages
  • Restaurants, cafes
  • Stables
  • Sports grounds
  • Hotel complex
  • Waterpark



Site characteristics:

The territory allocated for the construction of the park is located in Smolevichi district on the border with Minsk district in the recreation area of the sports and recreational complex “Raubichi”. The triangular area of the site is bounded from the north, west and south by the reservoir and from the east by the highway which is its long side. The terrain has an active structure, and the geodetic marks vary between 195,28 and 231,27, with differences up to 26 m.


Basic environmental requirements towards the project:

Construction of own water intake structure – 1 artesian well. Sewage line – biological treatment facilities located outside the water protection zones of the Dubrovskoye reservoir. The quality of treated wastewater must comply with the established regulatory requirements. The closed system of rainwater drainage with rainwater runoff treatment plants.