The beach infrastructure includes: security checkpoint building with entrance gate (a two-storey building with a building area 89,6 m2, with connection to the utility networks and fire alarm); fire water tanks with a capacity 75 m3; three sewage pump stations (sewage pump stations NS DN 4000 H 6000 capacity NS 15m3/hour; type NS DN 1500 H 4800 with a capacity 7m3/hour; type NS DN 1500 H 4000 with a capacity 2 m3/hour); fecal sewage networks, rainwater sewage networks, exterior lighting networks; floating modular platform (modular pontoons peerПМ.00.000 ИС. load-carrying capacity of each pontoon is 500kg).


The beach features facilities such as the children’s playground with a swing (completed), dressing halls (completed), sites for bio toilets installation(completed), children’s sand yard (planned), children’s entertainment attraction “slides” (planned), turn around area (completed), big belvedere with a brazier (completed), tennis court (completed), pedestrian paths (completed), a temporary post OSVOD (society of life saving society on water)(completed), waste collection sites (planned), outer fencing (completed), vertical planning and coastal fortification (completed), reinforced concrete staircases (completed). Tree planting and shrub planting (completed), flower beds arranged.