The fishing area infrastructure includesthe sewage pump station completed (the sewage pump station of type NS DN 4000 H 6000 fitted with WILO pumps. NS capacity is 15 m3/hour); purification facilities of rainwater sewage with oil removers with a capacity 6 liters/second(planned);exterior lighting networks (completed); pedestrian paths (completed); belvedere with a brazier (completed); secure car parking for 86 cars(completed); security checkpoint building completed (a two-storey building with a building area 89,6 m2, total structural volume 316 m3, with connection to the utility networks and fire alarm); panel outer fencing (completed), reinforced concrete staircases connecting pedestrian paths(completed); drainage gutters (completed); rainwater sewage wells (completed), coastal fortification and vertical planning (completed). Floating fishing platform assembled and installed. Bio toilets, garbage cans and benches have been purchased.