Significant improvement of Belarus showed under the terms of business registration, up 28 points and took on the position of the 12th line of the rating. Also improved the position of Belarus in terms of "obtaining construction permits" (17 points), "connecting to the power supply system" (59), "protecting investors" (37), "international trade" (120 points).

The world Bank report also noted the progress of Belarus in the field of labor relations. Thus, was introduced the supplements to the Labour code of the Republic of Belarus the regulation of wages, labor arbitration, calculation of payment for overtime.

In the Doing Business rating Belarus has taken the lead among the countries of the EEU 25 position in the indicator "international trade" rising 120 points and leaving behind Russia (170), Kazakhstan (122), Kyrgyzstan (83) and Armenia (29).

26 February 2016, the international rating Agency Fitch Ratings has assigned Belarus long-term sovereign credit rating on liabilities in foreign and local currencies at "B-" and short term rating at "b" with prognosis "stable". International rating Agency Standard & Poor's affirmed its long-term sovereign credit rating on Belarus at 'b -' and short-term ' b ' with a stable Outlook. In April 2015 the international rating Agency Moody's Investors Service has assigned sovereign credit ratings of the debt obligations of Belarus levels Caa1/B3. The forecast on ratings — "negative".

Because of its geo-economic location, Belarus is a transportation and logistics hub of Eurasia. The transport infrastructure of Belarus is represented by wide network of roads, Railways, airlines. Highways crossing the country, are an essential element of the European transport system. So, Belarus is crossed by 2 pan-European transport corridor, according to the international classification № "II" ("West-East — Berlin-Warsaw-Minsk-Moscow) and number "IX" ("North-South — border of Russia with Finland-Vyborg-St. Petersburg-Vitebsk-Gomel-Ukraine-Moldova-Bulgaria-Greece) with a branch "IXB" — Gomel-Minsk-Vilnius-Klaipeda-Kaliningrad.