BELAGROPROMBANKInvites to cooperation

The development of the investment platform (development of the project concept and its implementation), co-investment (joint venture, construction and operation of tourist facility), or sale of object of an existing project as a piece of property.

Advantagesnique opportunities of the investment project Park 'Dubrova'

Free choice of direction

One of the main advantages of the project "Park Dubrova is the possibility of the investor's choice in the direction of the project. Despite the significant amount of preparatory work done, the project is not tied to a specific direction in tourism, the investor has the right of choosing the direction of the project.

High readiness of the construction site

Currently for the project a fully prepared building site: Completed vertical planning and Bank protection, have been carried out on a territorial zoning and prepared micro-areas under construction, Built off-site engineering networks and facilities (sidewalks, stairs, storm and fecal sewage, lighting, area), fencing installed throughout the territory, connected to communications: gas, electricity

A convenient form of cooperation

This proposal is open for discussion - a form of cooperation with the investor is subject to negotiation and can vary widely. One of the most promising options is the implementation of the investor the object under construction, and assisting in its development and final implementation.

To be considered, all proposals of potential investors.

Additional advantages

During project implementation it is possible to obtain tax benefits. Park Dubrova is formed within the entertainment and tourism cluster that will allow maximum efficiency to begin operation of the facility after completion of construction. To implement the project, a second loan of JSC "Belagroprombank"

AboutInformation about Project

Location of the area: Smolevichi district, land between the highway on. Kudrischino-St. Dubrova and the north-eastern coast of Dubrovsky reservoir. Dubrovsky reservoir is 26 km north-east of Minsk, ...

The work performedCompleted stages of construction

Built off-site engineering networks and facilities (sidewalks, ...
Built off-site engineering networks and facilities (sidewalks, ...

AdditionallyBackground information on the project

In addition, the Bank confirmed 18 position in the list of 25 largest banks of Central and Eastern Europe (Top 25: Central and Eastern Europe).JSC "Belagroprombank" is the parent organisation of a ...

Park "Dubrova"Investment platform